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Even for those who love their job, it’s not always easy to muster up the motivation to do better and be better. But when you’ve built your business from the ground up, you want to give it your all.

That’s why Lauri and Jonathan Rocky, who started Turtle Creek Veterinary Medical Center in Greenville, TX, want to deliver the highest quality care to their clients.

“My husband is a fantastic veterinarian,” Lauri says. “He takes on challenging cases and I rarely see him turn anything away. Anytime he’s presented with something that is out of the norm, it’s always rewarding to watch him help these animals in one way or another.”

Cost-Efficiency Initially Led Lauri to i3 Merchant Solutions

Lauri, who serves as practice manager and also has a medical background, knows that delivering the best care also means working with good partners – especially those that help make it affordable for people to take care of their pets.

When Lauri and Jonathan started the practice in 2006, they used a payment processing company affiliated with their local bank.

As a member of Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA), however, Lauri soon realized her practice qualified for a discounted payment processing rate through i3 Merchant Solutions. So she gave Kevin Walter, TVMA’s dedicated payment processing advisor, a call. “Being a new practice lead, I wanted to do whatever I could to save as much money as I could, wherever possible,” she recalls.

It didn’t take long for Lauri to realize she made the right choice, noting that she saw savings in their payment processing fees almost immediately.

The Customer Service Goes Unmatched

The savings, however, weren’t everything. The first thing she noticed about Kevin was his attentiveness and the personal touch he put on his service. “He always makes me feel very comfortable talking to him about money, finances and processes. Plus, working with him for years and visiting with him at tradeshows has solidified that relationship,” Lauri says.

Lauri also describes the customer service as top-notch, noting that Kevin always realizes the urgency – and importance – when she asks about certain issues.

It’s been seven years since Lauri started working with Kevin and she says the loyalty she feels toward him goes unmatched. “Kevin’s an all-star,” she says. “You can’t beat a more personal relationship and have a rep more willing to go the extra mile.”

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