What’s New in Retail: Try It Before You Buy It

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Do you allow your customers to try your merchandise before they buy it? One retailer is — and it’s paying off.

DigitalBridge, a U.K.-based retail startup that’s looking to break into the home décor market has a solution for merchants that sell furniture, reports pymnts.com.

DigitalBridge offers retailers the option to integrate DigitalBridge’s software into their website. This way, companies can offer a try-before-you-buy home décor tool.

Customers can custom design rooms through the use of computer vision and machine learning. They simply upload a photo of the room they plan to decorate and digitally remove all furniture, wallpaper and home décor. From there, they can style the space with furniture from the retailer’s online gallery.

Most of DigitalBridge’s competitors incorporate an augmented reality (AR) into its software; however, DigitalBridge decided to forgo this. “AR is a great technology but it requires a dedicated mobile app, which all retailers dislike,” David Levine, founder of DigitalBridge told pymnts.com. “Apps are expensive to build, maintain and are disruptive to the buying journey,” he added.

This unique solution will help retailers expand their business through a hands-off automated approach to selling, giving their customers a unique shopping experience.

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