Ways to Promote Our Touchless Payment Solutions

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Ways to Promote Our Touchless Payment Solutions

At i3 Merchant Solutions, our partners are our top priority. We want you to know that we are here for you and your members despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Reaching your members is key to a mutually successful partnership now more than ever. Our touchless payment processing solutions are more than just a benefit for your members. Our program leads to increased revenue and new member sales, decreased member attrition, and reduced operating costs for your organization which can help you during this critical time.

We highlighted some easy strategies to promote our partnership to your membership base.

1. Promote our Relief Programs Through August 31

We know times are still uncertain, and we want your members to have all the right processing solutions to help them be successful. That’s why we extended our relief program pricing through August 31 for both our mobile and eInvoicing solutions. Post these relief programs on your website, social media accounts, eNewsletters, or email blasts. Learn more about our relief programs here.

2. Website Promotion

Make sure i3 Merchant Solutions is easily visible on your website – on the Member Benefits page and in the directory. Highlight that we are a valued partner and include details about our program so that your members are aware of the benefits that we have to offer. Right now, it is critical for your members to enable payment methods that reflect a touch-free environment – keeping themselves, their employees and their customers safe.

3. Weekly Educational Content

We pride ourselves on writing engaging content that is relevant to our customers, and we would like for you to share this with your members to help educate them on ways to make their business run smarter, safer and more efficiently.

This weekly educational content comes to your organization via email. You can easily share this content in your newsletters, email blasts, and on your website. It’s great for social media accounts too – just click the “share” buttons at the bottom of the weekly emails to share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

4. eNewsletter Promotion

Whether it is a banner ad, an i3 Merchant Solutions logo that links to our website, or a small blurb about our partnership, promoting i3 Merchant Solutions in your newsletter on a regular basis helps us stay top-of-mind for your members. It is simple to pull content from our weekly educational content emails and re-purpose those articles in your own newsletter – with little to no work for you! And the content is focused on how businesses stay viable during these trying times.

5. Dedicated Email Blasts

Messaging always works best when it does not have to compete with other content. That is why sending out an email blast to your members that is dedicated solely to i3 Merchant Solutions yields much better results. This allows our company and message to stand out rather than get lost in the shuffle. We are happy to work with you to determine content for an email blast and to have your members directed to our website to learn more.

6. Introduction at Virtual Events

Giving a quick introduction about i3 Merchant Solutions as a member benefit at one of your virtual events helps your members know that we offer special payment processing services for your organization.

Make sure new members know that i3 Merchant Solutions has a member-only benefit that they can take advantage of right from the start. Also, if you are talking with a member who is thinking of switching payment processors, needs touchless payment options or just wants to save money, send them our way. Encourage any and all members to reach out to us directly so we can look at their current situation and see what we can do to help.

7. Co-Branded Sales Sheets

Our co-branded sales sheets are a great way to give your members quick and easy information on this helpful member benefit. It is simple to hand out and will give your members a reference point for the future. Keep a PDF version of this sheet on your desktop so you can easily share it with your members through email.

Learn More About How You Can Promote Our Partnership!

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