10 Years Later, Veterinary Clinic Still Describes i3 Merchant Solutions’ Service as Unbeatable

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When Chris Holcomb first met her husband, Dr. Anthony Holcomb, she quickly learned he’d always wanted to be a veterinarian. “He’s known since he was in the first or second grade,” she laughs.

In 1993, they decided to make that dream a reality and opened Cherokee Animal Clinic in Dr. Holcomb’s small hometown of Rusk, Texas. “We have a close relationship with our clients and that’s fun.”

An Endorsement from a Trusted Resource Gave Chris the Clarity She Needed

It didn’t take long for Dr. Holcomb’s life-long passion to become Chris’ passion, too. She serves as the practice manager and loves her role, constantly striving to grow the clinic.

And since Chris is always aiming to maximize her practice, she began investigating other payment processors, initially seeking the most competitive rates. So when she received a letter from Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA), endorsing Kevin Walter, a payment processing advisor at i3 Merchant Solutions, she was intrigued, to say the least.

“That endorsement meant a lot to us. We highly regard TVMA,” Chris explains.

She and her husband’s first discussion with Kevin only affirmed those initial feelings. “He was very sincere and I felt really comfortable that he was going to treat us right, so we signed up with i3 Merchant Solutions.”

They received their equipment quickly and Kevin talked Chris through every step of the set-up process. Chris especially liked the size of the terminals. She has two receptionists – each with their own terminal – so she needed equipment that wouldn’t take up much space.

Today, nearly a decade later, she’s still happy with her decision, especially the customer service. Chris knows she can call or email Kevin and she’ll get an instantaneous response. Or, if he can’t help at that moment, he’ll connect Chris with someone who can.

Now, Chris Recommends i3 Merchant Solutions

When asked if Chris would recommend i3 Merchant Solutions to others, she said, without hesitation: “I already did!” She suggested i3 Merchant Solutions to a colleague (they switched) and she says whenever payment processing comes up as a topic on one of her go-to social media groups for veterinarians, she always puts in her two cents for i3 Merchant Solutions.

“The rates are very competitive and the service with Kevin is unbeatable. The response time from him is probably my favorite part.”

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