Turn Every Card Swipe into Customer Data for Marketing

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Agility is everything in a competitive market. i3 Merchant Solutions™ specializes in electronic payment solutions that fill gaps in ways that our competition doesn’t; that’s why our newest solution is a big data product and loyalty program for members of MWI’s Distinct Advantage Program.

How Big Data Benefits Your Business

Big data uses the essential information from a consumer’s payments to paint a distinct picture of the customer:

  • Who they are and where they’re coming from
  • How much they spend
  • How far they travel to make a purchase

For a veterinary practice with a limited marketing budget, this information can help them determine how to spend their money so they can:

  • Engage in more effective marketing
  • Enhance promotions and loyalty campaigns
  • Make smarter product pricing and inventory decisions
  • Decide where to open new locations and build smarter business plans
  • Measure the performance of sales, locations and campaigns

To lean more, contact your dedicated Payment Processing Advisor:
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