Our Top 10 Most Read Card Talk Articles From 2017

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Top 10 Card Talk articles from 2017

Welcome to another year of Card Talk. To kick off the new year, i3 Merchant Solutions takes a look back at the most read Card Talk articles from 2017. We look forward to bringing everyone relevant and impactful content that helps your business grow.

Our Readers’ Top 10 Favorite Card Talk Articles from 2017

Businessmen doing a secure payment during a sales meeting after updating Authorize.Net versions.1. Important Notice for Authorize.Net Users

In preparation for the new TLS requirement, Authorize.Net plans to disable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 by February 28, 2018 due to new PCI DDS requirements.

Close-up of a credit card highlighting the EMV chip technology on the card

2. The Current State of EMV

By March 2017, 2 million US merchants were chip-ready and accounted for 44% of all US storefronts – nearly double from the year prior.

Level 2 rate increase chart concept written on a chalkboard3. A Must Read for Merchants Who Accept Corporate and Business Cards

Visa has announced that it will increase some business and corporate card rates by 0.50%. That is a dramatic increase that will impact any merchant who accepts corporate cards.

prevent credit card fraud

4. 5 Ways to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Whether it’s data being stolen from dumpster divers or skimmers at the ATM, credit card fraud happens daily. Follow these tips to learn easy ways to spot fraud – and effective practices for avoiding it.

5. The Evolution of Card Skimming

Many merchants and consumers believe that skimmers only affect card terminals at ATMs and gas stations. That is no longer the case.

2 New Malware Warnings6. 2 New Malware Warnings You Should NOT Ignore

Malicious softwares, such as viruses, spyware, and Trojan horses, are created by fraudsters to infect computer systems and perform unwanted actions.

Payment Aggregator7. 3 Pitfalls of Using a Payment Aggregator

More small- to medium-sized businesses are turning to payment aggregators – i.e. Square or Stripe – to accept payments. But not every business properly evaluates these apps and it could be hurting them in the long run.

Mastercard 2-series card sticking out of a person's blue jean pocket8. Mastercard Announces Expansion of 2-Series Cards

After decades of using the number five to represent Mastercard, the company announced its expansion to Mastercard 2-series cards to keep up the rapid pace of card issuing.

Holiday Shopping Gifts in a Cart9. Holiday Fraud: What Your Business Can Do to Protect Itself

Higher transaction volumes and a demand for faster turnaround times place pressure on retailers and make proper screening difficult.

10. 5 Ways to Better Understand Next-Day Funding

Next-day funding can be an asset to any business. By improving cashflow through next-day funding it can make payroll, inventory, or paying vendors easier to achieve and make a business run smoother.

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From the status of the EMV Liability Shift to sharing tips to prevent credit card fraud to making sure you’re aware of new PCI requirements, a lot has happened in the payments industry this past year.

And we’ve done our best to cover it.

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