The Future of Tradeshows

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The Future of Tradeshows

As your organization begins to look ahead, one question that continually comes up is, “What will the tradeshow industry look like?” No one has a crystal ball to predict when or how conferences and connections will be made, but there are some trends that will likely be part of the picture.

In the Future of the Tradeshow Industry…

Technology Will Be Prevalent

Tools such as badge scanners and customized apps are just the beginning of the technology utilized by those hosting and exhibiting at tradeshows. Imagine a future where booth staffers could wear internet-enabled glasses and an earpiece. The glasses would scan an attendee’s badge as they enter the show and alert you of their presence. More technology like this is on the way for the tradeshow industry that will help exhibitors connect more easily with their attendees.

Capped Capacities

It will likely be some time until tradeshows will be at full capacity as the country works toward a new future. For some exhibitors, this could be beneficial by only inviting attendees with genuine interest which may translate to better leads.

More Virtual Interactions

With so many businesses leveraging online mediums this past year, those hosting conferences can take advantage of attendees’ attitudes toward technology. Now organizations can decide which tradeshows to hold in person versus which events can be held remotely. Remote opportunities could lead to engagement with more interested prospects.

Outdoor Retailer Events

While the weather warms and organizations are still trying to adhere to social distancing, outdoor venues may attract more retailers who can have higher attendance numbers.

Personal Connection is Vital

Effective marketing in this environment will require anticipating the needs of prospects. Providing customer-centric, personalized experiences will create a deeper connection with the exhibitor’s brand. The result will be a richer, more memorable experience for the prospect, perhaps even shortening the sales cycle.

Social Media Offers Real Value

Social mediums allow hosts to connect with their guests easily and offer them incentives to visit their tradeshow exhibit. These social media tools add value for exhibitors who can reach prospects and offer information to act on immediately.

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