The End of the Line for PC Charge

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Dead endVeriFone recently announced the “end of life” stage for PC Charge. “End of Life” means that as of May 1, customers cannot place new orders for the software. Current PC Charge users may add additional services through September 24, but no new features will be added to the software – including EMV support. Come October 1, VeriFone will no longer provide support for the software.

There Are Big Implications For Merchants

Due to the lack of future support, PC Charge will no longer be considered PCI compliant. Unless merchants are using PC Charge as a standalone product, the only available solution is to wait for the third-party software provider they use to facilitate payments through PC Charge to offer an appropriate replacement product.

VeriFone recently released a new line of products that offer similar functionality to PC Charge – including PAYware PC, PAYware Connect and PAYware Transact – but they are not guaranteed to be an adequate replacement to PC Charge, which is determined by the third-party software provider. Merchants may elect to not replace PC Charge, but they will not be able to to correctly validate their PCI compliance.

As a merchant using PC Charge, your best course of action is to contact your i3 Merchant Solutions™ representative to discuss software replacement, maintaining PCI compliance and adding new features, such as EMV integration. You’ll also need to work with your current software provider to determine what products may be used as a replacement while continuing to work with your current processing system.

Find the Best Replacement Solution for Your Business

Contact your i3 Merchant Solutions payment processing advisor to determine the best PCI-compliant solution.

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