It’s Finally Here: An EMV-Enabled Mobile Solution

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Mobile POS solution CardFlight SwipeSimple device hooked up to a mobile phonei3 Merchant Solutions is now offering CardFlight’s SwipeSimple mobile POS solution to new and existing merchants.

SwipeSimple is a mobile payment acceptance solution that includes:

  • A mobile chip card reader
  • Email receipts
  • Cloud-based inventory tracking and management
  • Real-time reporting tools for merchants to track

“The beauty of SwipeSimple is that it’s an EMV app. If a merchant doesn’t have EMV-enabled equipment, and they get chargebacks due to fraud-related activity, they automatically lose that chargeback,” Kevin Walter, payment processing advisor at i3 Merchant Solutions, explains. “If they deploy this new app, they’ll have the comfort of knowing that the liability is gone.”

Aside from the convenience and security that SwipeSimple provides, it’s also more efficient. Contractors, for example, can accept payments onsite, or a customer can call into the office to make a payment over the phone. If someone at the business is taking card information by phone, it’s secure because the information is truncated as soon as it’s typed.

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