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All merchants know that cash flow is paramount to run a business. It is required to make payroll, order new inventory, and tackle many other operating expenses. And yet it remains a challenge to keep money flowing quickly. According to, more than one-third of small-to-medium-sized businesses in the United States say that cash flow management and consistency present a major challenge in daily operations.

FastAccess Funding – Hours not Days

Vantiv and Visa recognized merchants’ cash flow problems and knew how important it is to a business’ survival. So, they developed a new push-to-card product called FastAccess Funding, which gives businesses access to same-day funding. i3 Merchant Solutions is one of the few payment processors who can now offer this service to customers.

This new card-based platform can now deliver  funds in real time. This reduces the one-to-three-day settlement timeframe by depositing funds directly to a business’ debit card. Within as little as five hours, the debit card is automatically loaded with these funds – even on weekends and holidays.

Scott DeAngelo, senior vice president, product at Vantiv stated to that, “Access to your money, on your schedule, is incredibly important to running your business the right way. Before FastAccess Funding, settlements could take days to finalize, and when you need to make payroll, order inventory and pay bills, that can be too long for some growing businesses.”

Debit Cards = Simple Implementation

To take advantage of FastAccess Funding, all a merchant needs is a debit card number. No point-of-sale integrations or time spent setting up a new process is necessary. For many merchants who have a debit card tucked away in the back of a desk drawer, this is an enticing incentive to retrieve it and put it to use.

Waiting days to gain access to business funds may just become a thing of the past with FastAccess Funding. This new product is changing the way businesses process and receive payments. “We see tremendous value in this service because of the many SMBs who face challenges with cash flow,” said i3 Merchant Solutions COO Tom Debord. “This new service will truly be a game changer, as this product will significantly reduce the time our clients spend trying to solve the cash flow crunch.” 

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