Retailer Touchless Payment Options as Covid-19 Surges

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As many retail business owners will tell you, 2020 has been a trying year. And the U.S. is seeing record cases of COVID-19 this winter. For retail merchants, utilizing touchless payments is key for sustainability and to keep their staff and customers safe.

Whether merchants conduct business via brick and mortar, eCommerce, or both – here are some touchless payments options to overcome COVID-19 challenges.


These days shoppers express a desire to pay with a tap of their credit card, debit card, or smartphone over concerns regarding cleanliness and safety at the point of sale. The technology to accept these types of contactless payments is already built into most point-of-sale terminals but just needs to be enabled. Now is the time to reach out to your merchant service provider and explore this type of payment acceptance if you haven’t done so already.

Online Ordering

For most retailers, an online storefront is no longer an option – but a must. Online ordering and making payments are considered must-haves by today’s consumers. Many merchants already have a website, in-house POS system, and credit card acceptance but no way to take online orders. An eCommerce standalone plug-in is a simple way to add a menu or products to an existing website and accept online orders ASAP. Many restaurants and retailers running online ordering through their eCommerce sites are seeing success right now.

Mobile Processing

The retail industry has had to pivot to curbside, takeout, or delivery because of COVID-19. To operate this way, merchants need the tools and technology to do this effectively. Mobile processing options include card readers that can link to mobile devices via Bluetooth and accept tap-to-pay, magstripe, and chip cards. There are also cloud-based mobile apps that allow retailers to create and manage invoices, accept payments, and send receipts. These types of technologies make it easier and safer for consumers to make payments and is instrumental for retailers to stay relevant.

Phone Orders and Payments

Another way customers would like to order goods and services is by simply picking up a phone and calling a merchant directly. For a retailer, phone payments combine the best of high tech and high touch, fostering a connection with customers while also pushing cash flow. Done properly, phone orders and payments require a payment gateway, allowing merchants to accept all types of payments. It runs online and supports many terminal devices, including those with contactless capabilities. Retail businesses should investigate how their payment gateway can better assist them in taking payments over the phone.

Electronic Invoicing

Cash flow is critical, and this is a crucial time to keep the funds moving between buyers and suppliers. Businesses that bill vendors by mail, in person, or even email, are wasting valuable time and money chasing payments. It’s a must to switch to an online accounts receivable solution that can create and streamline customized invoices, provide a direct link to pay in an email, and accept credit card payments online. Electronic invoicing solutions typically work with multiple payment gateways and integrate easily in accounting software. Now is the time to inquire with your merchant services provider to take advantage of this solution.

Touchless Payments are Simply Better

The many types of touchless payment options are secure for both merchants and customers. All the payment technologies use digital protocols like encryption and tokenization to transfer sensitive information safely. And then there are the health benefits. Touch free is germ free, which is of utmost importance to retailers and customers during the pandemic.

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