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In our Merchant of the Month series, we highlight a few of the merchants who enjoy processing through i3 Merchant Solutions so much, they want to share their experience with others.

This month, we spoke with Mike Willis, Owner of Lyndia R. Willis Hair Spa.

Merchant: Lyndia R. Willis Hair Spa

Industry: Beauty Salon

Location: Louisville, KY

Customer Since: 2018

i3 Merchant Solutions Payment Processing Advisor: Lisa Mekmaysy

What Initially Drew You to i3 Merchant Solutions?

“Payment Processing Advisor, Lisa Mekmaysy, was the reason I switched to i3 Merchant Solutions. Lisa’s extreme professionalism and outstanding customer service is appreciated, and she represents i3 Merchant Solutions so well. In our line of business, we get the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful clients who work in many different professions, and it means the world to us when we get treated the same as we would like to be treated.”

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working with i3 Merchant Solutions?

“i3 Merchant Solutions partners with our bank – First Financial Bank – and collectively they offer a wonderful program for merchant services. Signing up with i3 Merchant Solutions was an easy decision from the beginning. Lisa was introduced as our contact and she not only did her job, but she treated us like family and that is extremely hard to come by – especially in the payment processing industry. I want to thank i3 Merchant Solutions and Lisa for their kindness, care, and professionalism. It definitely sets them apart from every other business in their industry.”

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