Payment Puzzle Comes Together with All-In-One Providers

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Payment Puzzle Comes Together with All-In-One Providers

What is an All-In-One Payment Solutions Provider?

Merchant services providers usually offer a range of payment solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses. These services can range from in-person card acceptance to online transactions through multiple payment channels with easy management and reporting from a desktop computer, mobile smartphone, or within a preferred ERP.

The advantage of an all-in-one payment solutions provider typically means a one-stop shop for all things related to accepting payments. These merchant service companies can streamline billing practices, eliminate costs associated with accepting transactions, and are usually backed by a team of payment experts. Instead of dealing with multiple providers and solutions, merchants receive a single point of contact (typically a real, live person) that handles every aspect of payment acceptance.

All-In-One Providers Piece the Payment Puzzle Together

Merchants are consistently faced with sourcing partners and software applications that piece together their payment environment. It can be an obstacle for merchants, who are not payment experts, to keep their businesses running smoothly while worrying about payment acceptance and cash flow.

The true benefits of working with an all-in-one merchant services provider are revealed when all the separate financial parts begin to work together. Instead of multiple solutions struggling to work alongside one another, a merchant will emerge with a single payments ecosystem where everything works together seamlessly.

4 Benefits of Working with All-In-One Providers

  1. Streamline operations – When a merchant’s payments are connected, the business has more control, visibility, and confidence to move forward. By reducing friction between different payment solutions, a merchant achieves streamlined operations. Enhanced reporting capabilities can help merchants make better strategic decisions to guide the future of the business.
  2. Add efficiency – A single payments platform gives merchants the ability to be more effective as a business. Merchants spend less time switching between programs and on manual data entry. Payment automation cuts down on unnecessary tasks and frees employees up for other projects – saving the business both time and money.
  3. Real, live dedicated team – When something goes wrong,  merchants do not have time nor energy to sit on hold with multiple support departments. An all-in-one merchant services provider offers merchants real, live team members to solve issues quickly. And since everything works together, the support team will have a much more comprehensive view of a specific payments system.
  4. Scalability – If a merchant’s business is just starting out, choosing an all-in-one merchant services provider can supply the next piece in the payments puzzle to make a business run healthier. For example, maybe a business doesn’t need an eCommerce solution just yet, but once a business decides to open an online store, an all-in-one merchant services provider will be able to fulfill the business’s needs.

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