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Infintech + Axia = i3 Merchant Solutions 

For the last few decades, Infintech and Axia have been reputable payment solution companies known industry-wide for their integrity and exceptional service. We have been so gratified to serve and provide you with a robust line-up of products and services.

Now it’s time for us to bid the Infintech and Axia company names a fond farewell so that we can join seamlessly under the banner of i3 Merchant Solutions.

While Axia’s and Infintech’s operations will remain separate and our geographical territories will stay the same, we will now go to market with one name and one website. We will identify ourselves as i3 Merchant Solutions featuring the East (formerly Infintech) and West (formerly Axia) teams!

What you may notice changing are smaller things, such as our email signatures, business cards, website URL, collateral, billing statements, etc. We ask that you update your records to reflect this change where necessary. We will also be sure to keep you apprised of innovative new products and services that will become available to you as a result of the collaboration.

Please reach out if you have any questions. I’m proud of and excited about this next step in our company’s growth. Thank you for your past and continued trust in i3 Merchant Solutions. We look forward to continuing to serve you for decades to come.

Yours truly,

Tom DeBord
i3 Merchant Solutions

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