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Ingenico iWL225 wireless POS terminalOver the past few years, another element of customer service has evolved for merchants — offering quick, secure and reliable payment options on the spot. Whether it’s in-store, curbside or at the table, merchants need the ability to accept electronic payment at the location services are received.

Ingenico’s iWL222 & 252 products are small, lightweight payment devices that use commercial grade Bluetooth connectivity, enabling merchants to accept all forms of electronic payment quickly, easily and securely. Power and Internet connection are delivered to the base, allowing the corresponding machine to travel to customers.

The comfortable, hand-held design and intuitive customer interface provide seamless transactions and is backed by a powerful platform that ensures reliable operation in even the most demanding environments. Powerful Li-ion batteries deliver up to 650 transactions on a single charge. The iWL222 and 252 products are durable and water resistant and ideal for virtually any mobile use case.

Merchants also have the option to accept any or all existing forms of electronic payment; including Magstripe Reader, EMV, Android and ApplePay.

The iWL series allows merchants to stay competitive by satisfying customers, boosting productivity and reducing operational costs.

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