Merchant Spotlight: Sutton Ag Enterprises

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In our Merchant Spotlight series, we highlight a merchant who enjoys working with i3 Merchant Solutions so much that they want to share their experience with others.

This month, we spoke with Joseph Sutton, Operations Manager of Sutton Ag Enterprises.

Merchant: Sutton Ag Enterprises

Industry: Agricultural Services

Location: Salinas, CA

Customer Since: 2020

i3 Merchant Solutions Representative: Skylar Slayman

Why Did You Choose to Work with i3 Merchant Solutions?

“Even though our business was deemed essential and we were able to stay open, COVID-19 forced us to change the way that we were operating. One job function that required our administration staff to be in the office was taking orders over the phone and key entering credit card information into our machine. We needed to scan, save, and send receipts with invoices to our customers. But how could we do this and keep our employees safe while managing consistent cash flow?

And that’s where i3 Merchant Solutions stepped in and helped us shift our business. i3 Merchant Solutions Representative, Skylar Slayman, presented us with a virtual terminal solution that allows us to do all the essential tasks anywhere we have computer access. i3 Merchant Solutions’s products and service has been a huge improvement from what we were previously used to. The software has allowed us to securely keep cards on file, and we can view ongoing sales reporting. The amount of time spent processing credit card payments has reduced dramatically. In addition, i3 Merchant Solutions has lowered our processing costs by providing Level 2 and Level 3 automation which qualifies us for lower rates – saving us thousands of dollars.”

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working with i3 Merchant Solutions?

“Before i3 Merchant Solutions, we regularly ran into problems and did not have the resources from our previous processor to fix them. Now we have a dedicated payment consultant and an entire team that handles all our concerns and questions promptly. Skylar regularly reaches out to me to check in and let me know about any new products that may benefit Sutton Ag. My staff and I have embraced the new solutions and are happy to work with i3 Merchant Solutions!”

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