Merchant Assistance During COVID-19

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Merchant Assistance During COVID-19

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is changing the way consumers and businesses purchase goods and services. The World Health Organization has advised against the use of cash, paper checks, and touching public terminals like POS systems and ATMs since these could potentially spread the virus.

In the past few weeks, there has been an uptick in eCommerce sales since many retailers and restaurants have seen foot traffic diminish in their establishments. Mobile and contactless payments are a much safer option for these merchants and their customers.

B2B organizations have also seen the importance of promoting digital payments between buyers and suppliers to reduce paper handled by humans and to strengthen their cash flow during this difficult time.

According to Payments Source, businesses who have been trying to go digital may see a more rapid adoption rate if their offerings can reduce the risks of transmitting the coronavirus through human interactions.

Immediate Cash Flow and Mobile POS Help for Merchants

How can i3 Merchant Solutions help? We can help your business right now with our relief programs that focus on faster cash flow and mobile point-of-sale solutions.

It is essential to make sure your business is setup with some type of contactless payment option for consumers. Whether it be a virtual terminal to make eCommerce sales or a mobile point-of-sale solution to accept payments remotely, it is important that you are giving your consumers options so they can continue to purchase your goods or services as easily as possible.

i3 Merchant Solutions’ mobile point-of-sale solutions allow your customers to accept payments via curbside, takeout, or delivery. i3 Merchant Solutions’ mPOS card readers link to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and accept mag-stripe, chip cards, and contactless payments making it easier to take business to your customer instead of them coming into your store.

For B2B services, better billing yields faster cash flow. i3 Merchant Solutions’ Bill & Pay service turns billing by mail, in person, or email to online invoicing and payments so buyers and suppliers can conduct business in moments instead of days. Your customers click and pay instantly, online. Our service is simple, fast, and can make the difference for business who are trying to streamline their business.

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