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For merchants who handle events, tickets sales are essential to success but can also be an overwhelming task. Promoting the event, selling tickets, managing sales and operating the gate can quickly overburden any organizer. There is a lot of work that goes into managing and preparing for these events.

That is why i3 Merchant Solutions has partnered with Local Level Events to provide a needed service for non-profit merchants who host a variety of fundraising occasions such as charity galas, golf or community events,  and donation campaigns, to name a few. Local Level is a complete web-based platform that handles everything from selling the first ticket online or at the box office to scanning the last one at the gate. Unlike many other platforms, Local Level provides a dedicated support concierge service for every client to ensure that the platform meets their needs.

One-Stop Event Solution

This one-stop solution for online event registration, donation and ticketing services streamlines the process through Local Level’s user-friendly, easy-to-navigate platform. The service provides merchants with all the tools they need to plan and execute a successful event and each client is given a support concierge who . Local Level provides this end-to-end service without a long-term commitment or hardware purchase requirements which leaves merchants with more flexibility. Local Level also provides merchants with transparent pricing.

The system works by letting organizers create a custom webpage to promote their event and sell tickets. On the admin side, there are many tools for managing sales, scanning tickets and viewing financial reports – all in real time. Local Level also simplifies ticket handling by letting staff securely validate and use any smart device to scan tickets and provides a point-of-sale system to cover sales at the event.

Service Features:

  • Dedicated support concierge
  • Branded event registration
  • Attendance tracking
  • Data collection and export
  • Flexible donation amounts
  • Email tickets and confirmation

Local Level Events Created with Care

Lori Ludwig, Co-Founder of Local Level Events, saw the need for a transparent and comprehensive online ticketing and event registration tool. “We set out to make our solution with intention and to make sure it truly worked for the merchants we wanted to serve,” said Ludwig. “Our hope was to help non-profits, places of worship and schools in selling tickets, registering guests, sharing events and accounting for each dollar collected in a secure manner. Seven years later, our service continues to improve because we genuinely care about the customers we want to serve.” For event organizers, Local Level Events provides the easiest way to manage and sell tickets securely.

Learn More About Local Level:

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