i3 Merchant Solutions’ Online Donation Division, PledgeConnect, is Acquired by Liturgical Publications, Inc.

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Liturgical Publications Inc. (LPi), a leader in providing stewardship communication products to churches and other non-profit organizations for over 40 years, has completed its acquisition of PledgeConnect, the online donation division of i3 Merchant Solutions™, LLC.

“This is a partnership, in addition to being an acquisition. As a leading expert in credit card processing, i3 Merchant Solutions™ has educated us on ways to both improve and expand LPi’s online donation service, WeShare. These improvements will solidify WeShare’s position as the best-of-breed software in the electronic collection of donations and fees for non-profit organizations, especially churches,” said Joe Luedtke, president of LPi’s e-Giving division.

i3 Merchant Solutions™ will continue its work with non-profit organizations, representing LPi’s WeShare product. At the same time, i3 Merchant Solutions™ will be offering its credit card processing expertise to the 100,000 small businesses that support LPi’s church publications.

“We believe many of our small businesses will have the opportunity to save a significant amount of money on their credit card processing costs through this relationship, making it a winning situation for LPi and all of its business partners,” Luedtke continued.

“The partnership with LPi is a perfect fit, as it enables both organizations to showcase our core competencies. i3 Merchant Solutions™ customers will benefit from WeShare’s world-class e-giving solution and LPi customers can take advantage of our payment processing expertise. We couldn’t have selected a better partner,” said Ryan Rybolt, president of i3 Merchant Solutions™, LLC.

Over the next year, PledgeConnect customers will be transitioned to WeShare, enabling them to take advantage of the superior features offered to make online donations easier for their staff and their members. Not only does WeShare allow for donations to multiple bank accounts, but it also allows churches and other non-profits to sell event tickets, to accept credit or debit cards without the cost and risk associated with managing a merchant account, and to simplify financial reporting for the church and the person making the donation.

Interested PledgeConnect customers, or anyone interested in learning more about online donations, are encouraged to visit www.4LPi.com/WeShare where they can sign up to attend a webinar.

About Liturgical Publications Inc.

Since its founding in 1972, Liturgical Publications Inc. has offered churches and other non-profit organizations across the United States custom communication solutions backed by industry-leading service. Our years of experience, stability, and quality help us work successfully for over 4,000 congregations and organizations as well as over 100,000 businesses around the country. Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, LPi has regional offices around the country to provide local support for your community. More information is available at www.4LPi.com.

About i3 Merchant Solutions™, LLC

Ranked as one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies, i3 Merchant Solutions™ was founded on the principles of offering the very best in the latest payment equipment and cutting-edge technologies available. Payment processing solutions include retail, commercial card, mobile, and online processing. They support integration with nearly all POS systems, smartphone payments, and e-commerce and shopping cart integration. Visit infintechllc.com for more information.

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