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i3 Merchant Solutions' Live Customer Service Stands Alone In our Merchant of the Month series, we highlight a few of the merchants who enjoy processing through i3 Merchant Solutions so much, they want to share their experience with others.

This month, we spoke with Brian Garrett, Owner of Tom’s Pawn Shop.

Merchant: Tom’s Pawn Shop

Industry: Pawn Shops

Location: Texas

Customer Since: 2015

i3 Merchant Solutions Relationship Manager: Will Watson

Why Did You Choose to Work with i3 Merchant Solutions?

“I chose to work with i3 Merchant Solutions because of their attentive customer service. When I call or need assistance, I like to talk to a real person and with i3 Merchant Solutions, that happens every time. My payment advisor, Will Watson, is available anytime I need him by phone or email. He made switching to i3 Merchant Solutions seamless for all four of our locations.”

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working with i3 Merchant Solutions?

“Any time we need assistance, I can call Will for immediate help. When I’ve worked with other payment processing companies, I am put on a computer call list which results in problems not solved in a timely manner. i3 Merchant Solutions has saved my business so much time – and money. Our monthly rates are way lower with i3 Merchant Solutions than with our previous provider.”

Is Your Business Ready to Experience the i3 Merchant Solutions Advantage?

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