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i3 Merchant Solutions Offers More Than Just SavingsIn our Merchant of the Month series, we highlight a few of the merchants who enjoy processing through i3 Merchant Solutions so much, they want to share their experience with others.

This month, we spoke with Kim Minor, Assistant Director at the Middletown Arts Center.

Merchant: Middletown Arts Center

Industry: Art School

Location: Middletown, OH

Customer Since: 2019

i3 Merchant Solutions Payment Processing Advisor: Mike Stange

What Initially Drew You to i3 Merchant Solutions?

“We learned about i3 Merchant Solutions through our bank. They were setting up our online banking system, when they noticed our payment processing fees were very high. We were introduced to i3 Merchant Solutions Advisor, Mike Stange, who was able to cut our payment processing fees by more than half the cost we were previously paying. On top of the significant savings, we also discovered that i3 Merchant Solutions offered better security and fraud protection for our business.”

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working with i3 Merchant Solutions?

“My favorite part about working with i3 Merchant Solutions is the lower rates and being able to go into various reports when balancing our financials. I also get notified when a batch settlement has gone through. Mike was great to work with, and he even helped us with using the system outside of the building for the first time at our art auction – which made the process run much faster and easier.”

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