i3 Merchant Solutions Adds Value for Franchise Owners

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i3 Merchant Solutions Adds Value for Franchise Owners

For more than 50 years, Franchise Services Inc. (FSI) has been providing value to franchise brands such as Sir Speedy, PIP, and Signal Graphics. Since 2017, i3 Merchant Solutions has successfully provided customized solutions to meet each franchise’s specific business needs at the best possible rate.

For current FSI merchants, i3 Merchant Solutions has been able to save some franchises an average of $2,580 annually, enabling the franchisee to reinvest in their business or simply add the savings to their bottom line.

Here’s what some franchisees had to say about working with i3 Merchant Solutions:

“After working with i3 Merchant Solutions for the last year, we are extremely pleased with the significant savings and ease of the system. i3 Merchant Solutions is very responsive when we have questions and it’s a shame we didn’t find them sooner.”

– Marinna Lenzie, Sir Speedy, Glendale, AZ

“i3 Merchant Solutions has blown away all of our previous processors with their unbeatable pricing, killer services, and outstanding customer service. I recommend contacting i3 Merchant Solutions for a quick comparison to see how much money you can save. Switching processors is never fun, but it can be profitable and i3 Merchant Solutions makes it easy.”

– Bud Kistner, PIP Printing, Carmel, IN

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