i3 Merchant Solutions Relief Programs Extended Through August 31

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Merchant Assistance During COVID-19

As your processing partner, you know that i3 Merchant Solutions works closely with merchants to help them succeed. We know times are still uncertain, and we want your members to have all the right processing solutions to help them be successful.

That’s Why We Extended Our Relief Program Pricing Through August 31.

i3 Merchant Solutions can help your members RIGHT NOW with our relief programs that focus on faster cash flow and mobile point-of-sale solutions.

Unfortunately, many of America’s small business still rely on paper invoicing – but now is not the time to wait on paper checks. Companies need cash flow and they need it now. Our Bill & Pay service turns billing by mail, in person, or email to online invoicing and payments. Your customers click and pay instantly, online. It’s simple, fast, and remarkably effective. And we are offering our solution to merchants for free for 90 days!

Also, i3 Merchant Solutions knows that many businesses – especially retail stores and restaurants – are really struggling to accept payments from their customers. With social distancing rules in place, standard POS systems are not the most convenient way to process payments. However, our mobile point-of-sale solution is a great alternative, and it allows merchants to accept payments via curbside, takeout, or delivery. i3 Merchant Solutions’ card readers link to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and accept mag-stripe, chip cards, and contactless payments.

And we are offering relief pricing at this time – FREE for 90 days from the time of activation!

Let i3 Merchant Solutions Help Your Members Today!

Contact us online or call 1-800-621-8931.

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