IBM Advocates for AI Regulation

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IBM Advocates for AI Regulation

IBM just announced the IBM Policy Lab – an initiative aimed at providing policymakers with recommendations for emerging problems in technology. With the new lab, IBM is looking to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) development in a way that is safe but does not limit the creation of new technology. The think tank has gathered leaders from public policy, academia, civil society, and technology to help lead the initiative.

The company wants to focus on a two-pronged approach: harnessing innovation while ensuring that people can trust what is going on.

Goals of the IBM Policy Lab

  1. The Policy Lab will publish studies on new innovations, offer policy positions that will help the development of AI ethics, and conduct AI risk management.
  2. The IBM Policy Lab wants to improve the public trust regarding AI technology by focusing mainly on transparency. AI development impacts people so there needs to be context and explanations available to the public.
  3. IBM wants to work with governments and establish a set of frameworks and benchmarks that will help ensure that discrimination doesn’t happen with certain functions like facial recognition.

IBM’s announcement comes after organizations like Google, the European Commission and even the White House have called for regulatory principles regarding AI.

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