Holidays Prep: How to Optimize Online Checkout

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By the time a customer reaches the checkout page, they’ve already decided they want to make a purchase. Merchants who optimize the checkout process to make it as smooth as possible have a much better chance of customers not leaving before they complete the sale which is imperative to a successful holiday season.

In 2021, 69% was the average documented eCommerce card abandonment rate. Some of the barriers that customers can’t overcome during the checkout process are shipping and tax fees, account creation for a site, slow delivery projected times, and too long or complicated checkout process. That is why it is crucial for eCommerce merchants to optimize the checkout process as they prepare for the holiday rush.

Below are 5 steps eCommerce merchants can take to remove checkout barriers and increase their online sales.

1. Simply Checkout to One Page

Having all checkout-related forms on a single page makes the process easier and quicker for customers. Loading a single page versus waiting for multiple pages to load—especially on a mobile device—can be a game changer. A single checkout page adds to the overall user experience of a retail website and merchants want shoppers to walk away feeling satisfied with their purchase process.

2. Enable Guest Checkout

Anonymous checkouts are especially important for first-time customers. Online shopping requires trust in the merchant, and many customers don’t feel comfortable saving their contact information during their initial visit to a store. Shoppers feel hesitate to provide their data because it usually means endless email promotions and their data being shared with other organizations. Requiring a registration also interrupts the shopping process. Once customers decide to buy, they want the checkout process to be easy, which should be the aim of merchants as well.

3. Offer Multiple Payment Methods

When a customer is ready to enter their payment information, the last thing they want to see is that a merchant doesn’t accept their payment method of choice. Merchants should consider offering more payment options such as Apple or Google Pay, PayPal/Venmo, Amazon Pay, Bolt or traditional credit cards like Visa, Mastercard or American Express. When merchants provide as many secure, convenient payment options as possible, customers will appreciate being able to pay however they wish.

4. Enable Customers to Send Gifts to Multiple Locations

Holiday shopping is stressful for consumers but one way merchants can help alleviate stress (and cart abandonment) is allowing customers to send specific items to multiple addresses. This functionality during the checkout process allows shoppers to experience a one-stop shop – customers can place orders in one place but can deliver to different recipients.

5. Offer Preferred Shipping Methods

With some shoppers waiting until the last minute to place their orders and others who buy gifts months in advance, merchants should offer a variety of shipping options. Making sure those selection options are available in checkout can make the decision to purchase much easier for consumers. Providing shoppers accurate rates and estimated delivery dates are key to a smooth customer checkout experience.

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