Dedication Sets i3 Merchant Solutions Apart

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Is Your Business Ready to Experience the i3 Merchant Solutions Advantage?

In our Merchant of the Month series, we highlight a marketing agency merchant who enjoys processing through i3 Merchant Solutions so much, they want to share their experience with others.

This month, we spoke with Mark Homer, CEO at GNGF.

Merchant: GNGF

Industry: Marketing Agency

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Customer Since: 2017

i3 Merchant Solutions Payment Processing Advisor: Robert Breslin

What Initially Drew You to i3 Merchant Solutions?

“I was introduced to the i3 Merchant Solutions team at a local event and the conversations with them made an impression. It was always in the back of my mind to reach out and learn more, but I never got around to calling them.

That all changed when i3 Merchant Solutions advisor, Robert Breslin, walked into our office and listened as I explained our business and how I thought we had pretty good rates at the time. Given past conversations, I had open ears and was happy to learn more about what he had to offer. It turned out that Robert took a few of our recent payment processing statements and was able to unearth a great deal of savings that would benefit my business.”

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working with i3 Merchant Solutions?

“About 90% or more of our clients use credit cards to pay their monthly retainer for our digital marketing services. It didn’t take long to get all the credit cards transferred over to the new system and we saw significant savings right away. In addition to the lower rates, we love their customer service. If we have an issue, we can call and talk with a real person that we know. Our last payment processor had a random support number and you never knew the quality you were going to get on the phone.”

Is Your Business Ready to Experience the i3 Merchant Solutions Advantage?

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