How This Company Received $18,000 in Credit Card Savings

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Darla Napier, who runs the accounts payable department at Jack’s Glass, doesn’t like change. Her co-workers feel the same way.

And why bother with change? The Midwest glass repair company’s business model has been successful since the day it was founded in 1945.

So when i3 Merchant Solutions reached out last winter to present an alternative payment processing solution, Darla was a little hesitant – to say the least.

“At the time, we were running all of our transactions through our point-of-sale system,” Darla explains. It was a process they thought was working well.

But when i3 Merchant Solutions started investigating Jack’s Glass’ processing environment, it realized they were getting hit with massive upcharges – to the tune of an extra $18,000 a year.

Suddenly, change didn’t sound so bad.

How One Simple Change Led to Big Savings

Level 2 and 3 processing was implemented. It’s a solution their previous processor never even brought up.

While Darla was nervous about switching to a new system, i3 Merchant Solutions alleviated those concerns immediately. “i3 Merchant Solutions was hands-on and explained things very well,” Darla recalls. “They even went to all four Jack’s Glass locations to train every employee and ensure the set-up process ran smoothly.”

Payment Processing Now Efficient and Secure

Not only is Jack’s Glass saving nearly $18,000 annually, they can securely save a customer’s credit card information. “That was a huge deal for them,” an i3 Merchant Solutions payment processing advisor explains. “They can now ask for a customer’s payment information up front and then charge the full amount later, once the project is complete. Not only is this process secure, it’s more efficient.”

Savings aside, i3 Merchant Solutions’ willingness to go the extra mile – from set up to training – is what solidified Darla’s decision.

“Changing our process was one of our biggest fears. We didn’t want to switch for the fear of it being crazy and cumbersome,” Darla explains. “No one likes change, but i3 Merchant Solutions made it easy.”

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