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Comdata Success Story

For the last six years, i3 Merchant Solutions has partnered with Comdata, a leading provider of B2B payment solutions. As the leading commercial issuer of Mastercard in North America, Comdata offers one of the robust suites of payment solutions in the market.

It’s a great match-up for both companies because each corporation brings value to the payments industry and provides first-class solutions for customers. Comdata focuses on Accounts Payable while i3 Merchant Solutions’ focal point is Accounts Receivable. i3 Merchant Solutions serves corporations who are converting vendor payments to ePayables, while Comdata provides corporate payments, virtual cards, integrated payables, and prepaid solutions for more than 20,000 customers.

Hundreds of Comdata customers have already taken advantage of the benefits with this exclusive partnership and are seeing significant savings, streamlined processes, and are adding more money to their bottom line. It’s a win-win for Comdata and i3 Merchant Solutions because both companies mutually grow as a direct result of partnering together.

In a question and answer session with Comdata’s SVP of Corporate Payment Operations, Meitra Aycock, we learn why our partnership continues to be successful after all these years.

Q. How did you first hear about i3 Merchant Solutions?

A. “i3 Merchant Solutions was included in our RFP process of searching for a merchant-acquiring ISO and was ultimately the company we chose to partner with. i3 Merchant Solutions’ transparency and open communication has led to a great partnership.”

Q. What makes i3 Merchant Solutions and Comdata’s partnership so great?

A. “We are a true partnership and have each other’s backs. I am never concerned when I am introducing i3 Merchant Solutions to one of our customers. They operate with the highest level of integrity, and I trust them infinitely in their interactions with our clients.”

Q. What is your favorite part about working with i3 Merchant Solutions?

A. “Definitely the people! They are adaptable to Comdata’s ever-changing needs and can easily pivot when things shift in the payments space.”

Q. How does i3 Merchant Solutions help your clients?

A. “i3 Merchant Solutions’ impact is two-fold. They allow Comdata to onboard our customers’ vendors when vendors are not able to accept credit card payments or are currently accepting credit card payments but are concerned about high fees associated with the process. Secondly, they assist our customers in reducing their costs associated with accepting credit card payments.”

Q. Do you have any specific examples of times when i3 Merchant Solutions went above and beyond?

A. “Several years ago, Greensky, a Comdata customer was in the market for a non-standard solution to acquire funds. We connected them with i3 Merchant Solutions who collaborated with Greensky to identify an out-of-the-box solution to meet their needs.”

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