Solving Our Customers Needs

Our case studies go beyond typical testimonials. With our vast industry expertise, let us show you how we've been able to help our merchants and partners achieve amazing results through i3 Merchant Solutions. Below, you will find just a sampling of examples of how we've helped.

Accepting Credit Cards from Clients

Client: OE Products
Problem: Reluctance to accept credit cards from their clients due to excessive fees.
Solution: i3 Merchant Solutions requested a previous payment processing statement from OE Products and through the analysis step, it was revealed that OE Products was paying much more than they needed to.

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Eliminate V-Card Program High Processing Fees

Client: United Forms/Tennessee Scaffolding
Problem: UFTS was preparing to opt-out of their buyer’s V-Card Program to eliminate the high fees they were paying to process credit cards.
Solution: By contacting i3 Merchant Solutions and sending over their processing statements, UFTS was able to utilize better interchange optimization and receive an incredible amount of savings for their processing environment.

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