Volume 8 - September 2016

September 2016 

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Clients to Pay on Time

When you’re trying to grow your business, any client is a great client, right? Not if you spend valuable time chasing down their payments.

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Chargeback Volume for 2016 Expected to Be 21% Higher than Last Year

While it’s no shock that chargebacks have been the biggest headache for merchants since the EMV Liability Shift, a recent projection of the total is adding salt to the wound.

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Why Aren't Millennials Using Credit Cards?

According to research by the Federal Reserve, the number of consumers under age 35 who use credit cards has fallen to its lowest level since 1989.

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Shoppers Now Make More than Half of Purchases Online

For the first time ever, UPS and ComScore's annual survey shows that shoppers now make more than half of their purchases online.

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