August 2016 - Volume 7

August 2016 

Visa-MasterCard Settlement with Retailers Overturned: What’s Next?

On June 30 the Second Circuit overturned the monumental Visa-MasterCard antitrust settlement with retailers. Now merchants are wondering: What's next?

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Are Foreign-Transaction Fees Going Away?

 As card issuers fight to retain and gain customers, some are eliminating the number of fees associated with a credit card transaction.

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3 Things You Don't Know about ePayables

ePayables, an electronic payment solution that replaces check payments with a credit card account, are growing 14 percent year over year.

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Find Out Why This Vet Clinic Still Endorses i3 Merchant Solutions 10 Years Later

A decade after Chris Holcomb, practice manager at Cherokee Animal Clinic, decided to process with i3 Merchant Solutions, she still describes the service as "unbeatable."

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