4 Tips to Help Protect Your Business from Hackers

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4 Tips to Help Protect Your Business from HackersPayment security is extremely important for any business. Fraud happens all the time – especially in the online marketplace, and it is important that your business takes the proper steps to protect its confidential information. Here are some helpful tips to deter hackers and keep your business safe.

1. Do Not Share Account Numbers

Do not give out your company’s bank account information through emails or any other system that isn’t secure. Put your bank account information through a secure system where clients don’t have access to them. For example, if clients need your account information to pay you via ACH, give your account information directly to the client over the phone. You can also create a separate bank account for these types of payments so if a hacker does gain access to the account number, they will not have access to all your money.

2. Create Secure Passwords

Create a different password for every online system that you use. Do not use the same password for all your online accounts. If you have the same password for Facebook, online banking, and your payment system, a hacker can easily access multiple accounts if they unlock just one. Change your passwords often and make them challenging. Include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Do not use your name, birthdate, or anything else that a hacker could easily guess.

3. Be Aware of Phishing Scams

Phishing is when a scammer sends an email posing as a reputable company to get you to click on links or enter account information that they can use for fraud. Your spam folder in your email should catch most phishing emails – but it isn’t foolproof. Phishing emails look like they could be coming from a certain company but be sure to look at the actual email address that it is coming from and you will notice that it doesn’t match. Do not click any links or respond to the email. Instead, report the phishing emails to your company’s IT department as soon as possible.

4. Work with Trustworthy Companies

Make sure that the companies you are working with protect your payment information and process transactions securely. You can look up reviews online to make sure you are working with an ethical company who has a good track record.

By following these four simple tips, you can protect your business from hackers trying to intercept your company’s private information.

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