2019’s Top 5 Articles to Share With Your Members

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2019's Top 5 Articles to Share With Your Membersi3 Merchant Solutions takes pride in bringing our partners relevant and impactful content that will help both your business and your members’ businesses grow. Below are the top 5 articles from 2019 that you should share with your members to educate them on the latest in payments!

2019’s Top 5 Articles to Share With Your Members

1. Carding: Fraud That Impacts Merchants

Merchants need to be on the lookout for carding, a type of fraud that is proving to be more than just a headache.

2. Tips to Better Manage Accounts Receivables

For small to mid-sized businesses, inefficiencies in the AR department can lead to interrupted cash flow.

3. Contactless Payments Gain Momentum

While contactless cards have been slow to take off in the U.S., the recent endorsement from Chase may help speed up adoption.

4. Virtual Cards Dominate Most of B2B Payments

In the commercial card market, virtual cards are grabbing dollar-share and are poised to dominate B2B card payments.

5. 4 Costly Payment Security Mistakes

Merchants need to be aware of security oversights that could negatively impact their business.

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